Portable Silicone Speaker


Wirelessly connect to your phone wherever you are.

Inspired by the classic sound icon, this compact yellow silicone speaker is the ideal companion for day trips and holidays.

A full charge takes just one hour for 8 hours of play time.

Plus, achieve true wireless stereo sound by connecting two speakers at once with simple, automatic pairing. USB charging cable included.


0.080 Kg
Synthetic rubber. Perfect for products that come in contact with food. Heat resistant and inert, does not support microbiological growth and is non-stick.
Electrical and electronic components
0.042 Kg
Includes circuits, electrical wiring, power cords, plugs, lamps, speakers etc
Plastic (PP) Polypropylene
0.034 Kg
Recyclable: Symbol 5.
Metal (Stainless Steel)
0.000 Kg
Highly recyclable. Will not rust or corrode.
Paper and Card packaging
0.124 Kg
Produced from partially or fully recycled material. Paper is fully recyclable.
Shipping cartons
0.026 Kg
Cardboard cartons produced from partially or fully recycled paper. We aim to pack our goods efficiently to reduce waste. Our cartons are fully recyclable.