Laser Tag Pro


Use stealth, cunning, strategy & skill to disable your challenger, knocking out their 12 lives with direct hits. With interactive sounds, lights and the additional challenge of reloading your laser.

Battle it out with your friends in a dramatic laser duel!
This awesome Laser Tag Pro kit includes a pair of pistols that allow two players to gear up and blast each other. Simply switch them on and let loose with the lasers, attempting to hit your opponent enough times until they run out of lives. Each gun vibrates when it is hit, so you know when you have taken damage from an opponent. Pick up more than one set to increase the number of players to any group size, with up to three teams able to exchange laser fire at once!
  • Pack of two laser tag blasters
  • Vibrates when hit
  • Fast reload and alternative fire modes
  • Combine with other kits to host battles with unlimited players
  • Can be configured to play with three different teams
  • Requires 6 x AAA batteries