Himayalan Crystal Salt Lamp


Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are believed to create negatively charged ions in the air. This is a good thing because modern day pollution and electrical equipment create positive ions in the air which are potentially harmful to us and cause air quality in areas affected to deteriorate.

By using a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp you replace the negatively charged ions in the air which help us to avoid the alleged physical and mental harm that the ‘electric smog’ creates.

Heating the salt with a bulb creates an effect similar to an ionizer, this has many health benefits.

These claims include:

  • Migraine and headache relief,
  • enhancement of serotonin levels in the blood,
  • reduction in asthma attacks,
  • immune system enhancement,
  • reduced vulnerabiity to colds and flu.

What you can be certain of is that our Himalayan Salt Lamps.

  • Release Negative Ions into the air.
  • They purify the air.
  • Have a relaxing appearance to help you rest and reduce stress.
  • It can help relieve asthma, sinus and allergy symptons.

Our Himalayan 9cm Salt lamp with USB connector was designed for our “nature lovers” but also the “tech geeks”...USB cable is 150 cm long