Chicken Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

£5.00 £8.00

Chicken lover or Minecrafter, who could not fall in love with this cute adult chicken egg cup created with details that stay true to the famous pixelated video game. In gameplay, chickens are passive animal mobs that live throughout the Overworld but there is no need to fence in this little fellow.

As well as the egg cup, this set includes an egg topper, plastic spoon plus toast cutter which will provide you with 3 blocky shovel-shaped pieces of toast so you can mine for that egg yolk.

Supplied in a printed gift box, this Minecraft Egg and Toast Cutter Gift Set makes a great gift for any fan of Minecraft or someone who just loves gaming in general. Also, any collector of Minecraft memorabilia would be pleased to add this to their collection. Includes a plastic egg cup, egg topper, plastic spoon, and toast cutter.


Also GREAT NEWS - this product is made using BDP this stands for Breakdown plastic  Breakdown Plastic is one such alternative. Its products are made with an organic additive that is introduced to the injection mould process. Just a 1% shot of this organic additive accelerates the biodegradation process of plastic, rubber, or foam products in a biologically active landfill.