Wireless Chargers


No wires, no fuss

Thanks to cutting edge QI inductive technology, charging your enabled device is as simple as setting it on the pad.

Anti slip rubber coating rubber coating keeps your phone in place, Temperature control ensures your device never overheats, idle mode never over charges your battery or wastes energy.

Acrylic base glows blue or red whilst charging.

Minimalist and buttonless, this charger fits perfectly on a desk or cupboard, the led indicator lets you know when its ready to charge and when your device is charging.

Compatible with

Iphone X,XS XR and phones above an 8.

Samsung Galaxy 7, 8, 9 and above

Samsung Galaxy Note 9,8,5.

LG G7 G6 V40 V35 V30

Sony  Experia Xz3 XZ2

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Product Size

96 x 96 x 8.0mm