Multicolour Firefly Lights


These are the most gorgeous lights - 3 metres of unbelievable twinkle - these are the lights to have and not just for Christmas, they will look amazing in Dorms, Bedroom, Kitchens and yes even on the Tree.

We listened when you asked for Lights that were not with batteries these are Mains Powered and totally gorgeous you wont be disappointed.

  • A set of twinkling LED lights, each branching off from twisted copper wire.
  • LED lights flicker in colourful shades of blue, pink, green, red, and yellow.
  • Each bulb alternates between fading in, flashing and quickly flashing.
  • With 3 metres of bulbs along a string of twisted delicate and flexible wires.
  • Mains powered, with 3 metres of wire between the plug and first bulb.
  • Wire can be unscrewed and detached from plug

Lit length - 3m Lead wire length - 3m Total length - 6m Branch length - 5cm 

Sparkle your way through the year